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Current Version: EX5.1 (October 8, 2018)
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Mondrian - Plastic Reality

Take It For a Spin

Join Piet Mondrian and his friends as he takes them for a spin through the Plastic Reality in this followup to the award winning, 2015 modernist brick-breaker, Mondrian - Abstraction in Beauty! With three different game modes, five new playable Curators, dozens of unlockable items, new background art, an expanded soundtrack, and the easy to learn Mondrian Maker level editor, exploring art history has never been more fun.

Fresh Features

  • Choose your playstyle and play through an infinite number of levels with the help of five diverse Curators

  • Build your own levels in Mondrian Maker and share them worldwide

  • Four game modes and dynamic Challenge Levels with online and local leaderboards

  • Explore modern art history through character biographies spaced out in five dedicated campaigns

  • Gigantic soundtrack featuring an hour and a half of original hip hop, acid jazz, techno, and more

Coming Soon:

  • 50 Arcade Levels (halfway there!)
  • 50 Campaign Levels (Campaign Mode in development)
  • Greatly Expanded Soundtrack
  • New Background Artwork
  • Character Biographies
  • Revamped Unlock System
  • Restored System Menu
  • Restored Windowed Mode

For the first time ever, you can make your own Mondrian levels are share them with friends and family! Mondrian Maker is Lantana Games' first fully-featured level editor, only available with Mondrian - Plastic Reality. Make your own levels in mere seconds and share them with the world!

Mondrian Maker Features:

  • Use multiple block shapes and artist styles at any scale and rotation to build the level of your dreams

  • Increment the Difficulty to flip any block to different block types, including Grays, Portals, and Splitters

  • Apply different modifiers to any block per Difficulty, including Movement Shifting and Visibility Phasing

  • Build multi-level campaigns and mix-and-match Challenge settings to turn your levels into the ultimate Boss Battle

  • Test your level in-game and share it via email, social media, Steam Workshop, etc.

Alpha and Beta Testers will also receive Mondrian Maker free of charge, included in the game. Testers are encouraged to build and submit levels on the community forums for inclusion in release! All testers who build levels will receive level design credit and get their levels will be included in the release version of the game.

Mondrian - Plastic Reality Creations

Upload Your Creations at https://mondrian.mod.io/!

Please Note: All in-game paddles, powerups, wall shapes, etc. are currently unlocked to help us test them out, and since we are reworking the unlock system. Good luck!

Coming Soon:

  • Create Campaigns up to 10 levels long, with optional character dialogue before each level
  • Change your level's Artist Style to discover even more variety in the levels you make
  • Open your level's Settings to change the background music & art; and set a password
  • Switching from text-based to more robust file format for level and campaign files (easy conversion from current levels will be included)
  • Upload your level directly from Mondrian Maker to various sharing services (more info on this soon)

Compatibility Note

As of right now, Early Access is PC only. We plan to launch the final game on PC, Mac, and hopefully Linux. It is our intention to get a Mac version out at least by Beta.

Get In Touch

We need your help to make this game the best it can possibly be. Please join in on the forums, send us feedback, test the game, report bugs, and tell your friends! All testers will get the final game at launch.

Anyone who owns Mondrian - Abstraction in Beauty will get 30% off Plastic Reality during the Early Access period! It will be launching for $14.99.

Visit our Redbubble Shop to Help Support Mondrian - Plastic Reality's Development!


Get this game and 4 more for $59.99 USD
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