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Support Us!

Support Us!

Hey friends! We've been given an awesome opportunity to display Mondrian - Plastic Reality at the upcoming PAX East convention in Boston. However, we need your help to get there, and we wanted to give you the opportunity to Support Us directly! So, we've given you a whole bunch of options:

  • Donation buttons for PayPal, Streamlabs, and Digital Tip Jar
  • Exclusive merch, with this month's being designed by our artist Ilayda!
  • Links to the current bundle/sale, latest game, or other piece of merch

We could really use your help, and your support means a lot. If you don't want a copy of Mondrian - Plastic Reality just yet, please consider tossing a dollar our way via one of the Donate buttons. Every little bit helps!

You can learn more on our Support Us page.

New Setup File

We've received some reports that the game's self-extractor doesn't always work, particularly on Enterprise systems with strict read/write permissions set. This causes the game to hang at the splash screen. Therefore, we have updated the game's build to a Setup file, which sets up Default content in the correct locations before you run the game.

You may still run into trouble with Mondrian Maker as this also requires read/write permissions set. If you're having trouble saving/testing levels, right click on the game's executable file in Explorer, go to Properties > Security, then click the Edit button to change permissions. Under Users, make sure Write permissions are set to enabled. Click Okay. This will allow Mondrian Maker to save levels to your AppData folder.

It may sometimes be necessary to uninstall the game before updating it. The game does not write any Registry keys, so you may either Uninstall it via the supplied Uninstaller, or just delete the AppData\Roaming\Lantana Games\Mondrian - Plastic Reality folder on your computer, as well as the supplied executable in the Install folder. If you have save data, we recommend also making a backup of your mondriansettings file by copying it and renaming it _mondriansettings. The Uninstaller should ignore this.

- Danny


mondrianPRsetup.exe 180 MB
Mar 10, 2018

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